MEI Meeting

The MEiSpeak™ platform is a complete speaker and consultant management system.

MEiSpeak™ services conveniently and securely provide speakers and consultants all they need when they need it. Contracts, training and presentation materials are all available with a single click.

MEiMeet™ and MEiSpeak™ work in sync to identify speakers and gather speaker credentials. Reviewers are provided the information, framework and tools needed to evaluate speaker qualifications against a defined profile, their peers and debarment databases.

Intuitive Online Solutions

  • Credentialing
    • License Verification
    • Debarment check
    • Fair Market Value Assessment

      FMV Assessment.
      The Office of the Inspector General and industry associations require that payments made from life sciences companies to healthcare professionals must be for a legitimate service at a fair market value. Determination of FMV for HCP fee-for-services activities such as advising, consulting and speaking must be based on HCP qualifications and appropriate for the service provided. While determining FMV for a service is the goal, the process and documentation are essential.

  • Contracting
    • Online Contract Management
    • Electronic Signature Capture
    • Secure Contract History Available for Speaker Review
  • Online Training
    • Testing
    • Detailed Training Records
    • Speaker Acknowledgement
  • Event Scheduling
    • Interactive Calendar – create on-line calendar activities/schedules at the HCP’s fingertips
    • Speaker/Consultant Readiness Verification
    • Travel
  • Payments
    • Expense Management
    • Fee-for-service payments
    • Annual “Cap” Management
    • State Reporting